Baby Namings

Baby namings are a non-religious alternative for parents who want to welcome their child with a ceremony. This type of ceremony is perfect for families who are not aligned with any particular religion or faith group.

The central theme of the baby naming ceremony is  Love, Family and the Child. Not only do you get the opportunity to announce the name you chose, but you can also explain its significance. If baby was named after a loved one, a naming ceremony is a nice chance to reflect back on that person’s life.

You can hold your baby naming ceremony at home or in other suitable venue like a hotel, reception facility, etc. You might prefer a park or other natural setting. The ceremony can be held at a location and time convenient to all concerned.

You may wish to include your older children in the Naming Ceremony. This is the perfect opportunity to declare your promises to your child before family and friends. Involve relatives, such as grandparents, and maybe other adult friends. It is nice to have supporting adults involved, allowing them to confirm their special relationship with your child and share their promises at the ceremony in front of you and the guests